Wednesday, December 03, 2008

as horror stories of the dastardly terrorist attack on the maximum city of mumbai ( a city that leaves no one hungry at night), trickle in, one common thread is clear.

india, the biggest democracy ruled by the most inept politicians and burercrats of entire world, has no means to fight the terror. from screwed up bullet proof vests for policemen to a very senior politician telling dog remarks on the family of nsg commando sandeep unnikrishnan who died fighting the terrorists to india's absolute lack of preparedness in combating terror to finding a huge quantity of rdx several days after the attacks - you have it all.

26/11 is not the first terror attack nor it will be the last. since mid 70's till now india has faced several thousands terror attacks and has lost several thousands innocent lives.

but our politicians. oh they are safe talking about fake developedment to the gullible people day in and day out.

more scary is the fact that probably india's nuclear plants is woefully under protected. next time the pakistan based terrorists won't target small places in mumbai. but they will go after big one's like the nuke power plant in india. under the stupid india america nuclear deal, tens and tens of nuclear power plants are being proposed. all of which will be sitting ducks to terrorists.

one thing is clear. india is a super soft state when it comes to terrorism and 26/11 is just a comma in the story. many more terror attacks will be coming for sure as india's spoiled, rich and corrupt politician makes hay everyday in office and cares a hoot about india's security and innocent people's lives.

welcome to 'incredible india'
welcome to 'raising india'
welcome to 'shining india'
welcome to 'terrorist infested soft state india'


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