Friday, December 05, 2008

surprisingly, saif ali khan and kareena, has showed that movie stars have brains too. just kidding folks. but their statement on the mumbai massacre was very honest and upto the mark.

and let us be very clear on one more point. there are tens and tens of millions of indian muslims who hate terror, who are peace loving like you and me, who have children like you and me and who have condemned this terror attacks. and there should be no reason to hate anybody on their religion more so when these terrorists belog to islam.

terrorism knows no religion. if you give a chance, bin laden will convert to hindu and start another 9/11. if you give a chance prabahakaran will convert himself to sinhalese and attack colombo again and again. if you give a chance pakistan based terrorist organisation and their isi backers will convert to christianity, atleast for a day, to perpetuate biggest attacks on innocent people.

terrorists have no religion and no heart. they have to be crushed ruthlessly. and at the same time we need to question the politicians who are virtually useless and impotent whether it comes to gujarat massacre or mumbai terror attacks.


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