Friday, December 05, 2008

one thing that is coming out of mumbai attacks is that 'peace groups' want to address the 'root cause of terrorism'.

oh yeah. that's like asking bin laden to give justification for why he did 9/11.

now let us be very very clear. the babri masjid demolition, the gujarat massacre, the iraqi war, etc are NOT pardonable and are huge blemishes on us. but that is no license for terrorists to come and attack innocent civilians in a totally different place.

to condemn huge violations on human rights such as gujarat massacre and to make sure it is never ever repeated we should take all steps but that does not mean one of the steps is to give a license to kill innocent people in mumbai or other places.

let's be very clear on this. terrorism is not an answer to violations done by certain individuals like narendra modi or george bush.

b.raman had an interesting article in outlook on what actions india can take without going for say a full fledged war or a precise attack on terrorist camps in pakistan. he is right. we need to make sure that pakistan is made a pariah until it can renounce terror fully. we cannot fight terror in india or globally unless pakistan is made to confront terror fully.


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