Thursday, December 04, 2008

when the pakistan based isi backed terrorists stuck in the jewish center, they abused, tortured and killed all israeli/american nationals.

one little kid survived. it would have been a HUGE disaster if this little baby was also shot dead.

agreed, that isrealis have been heavy handed and lot of times violent in handling the palestine issue. the israeli-palestine issue that should have been sorted through discussion long long back has been festering for a long time resulting in kill me - kill you situation.

but what is the logic in killing the innocent parent's of this little boy and potentially trying to kill this kid itself.

which religion pardons this kind of behaviour. which ideology wants this kind of brutality. which nation can tolerate this kind of abusive people. which nation can sit idle and watch terrorists run amok?

we have answers for all these but we refuse to act and call spade a spade. until we do that, we will be tutored to be responsible by america, tutored to talk by china, tutored to go slow by pakistan's civilian government. all till the next terror attacks after which all the tutoring will begin again.

india's impotent security apparatus and corruput politicians will make sure india is looted internally within and raped from external terrorists.

welcome to this double whammy of fake devlopedment and fake national security!!


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