Monday, December 15, 2008

there was some comments on the taj hotel terrorist attack by none other ratan tata himself.

i think his comments, if i am not wrong, are very inappropriate. you can read his comments here.

everybody in the world, including pakistan's isi backed terrorists, knows that indian police (and india's corrupt and impotent politicians) are the weakest in the world. but when it came to killing the terrorists brave men entered taj well known that they can get killed (considering the zero training and useless equipments that have).

he may be right in telling that our security apparatus was not good (of course we cannot mount an israeli type commando operation ever) but there is no point in criticizing the brave policemen and commando's either for they are severely curtailed by india's inept security infrastructure.

for that matter, taj with its cash rich coffers had no security worth its name whatsoever inspite of repeated warnings from intelligence agencies that an assault is pending. and it would be great if tata can use his 'influence' to make sure india's luckless policemen can get some basic equipments just as he uses his 'influence' in getting clearance to the environmentally destructive projects for the developedment of india!!!

and no we are not going to talk about fake tata development projects across india for now :-)


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