Saturday, December 06, 2008

when the clueless prime minister selected his finance minister to run the diasatrarous home ministry, one thing was really clear. in the vast expanse of congress government there is no qualified and strong person to run the home ministry that he had pull out an important minister in the middle of economic meltdown.

but leaving politics aside, what should PC do. very simple. as finance minister he opened india's forests, rivers, coastal areas, etc to unprecedented abuse by businessmen, but as home minister he needs to make sure our borders are not open for joyful terrorism.

some measures he can do, that his predecessor and one of india's worst home minister failed, are,

1. provide coastal security to india's vast coastal borders atleast in very crucial places.
2. provide police the freedom to act on terror inputs without political interference. make sure they are paid well, taken care well, are not overworked, are staffed adequately and giving the latest training measures.
3. make sure our intelligence agency RAW which has been slumbering deeply is wakened up.
4. make sure our important urban areas like mumbai has its own SWAT teams on the line's of america.
5. make sure that the muslim community is not alienated by any means of unwanted and unpardonable riots over the mumbai terror attacks.
6. pursue terrorist case with pakistan and the 9/11 forgotten america.
7. form closer relationship with isreal on fighting modern day terrorism.
8. make sure the ground level informer network in all important areas of india is strong and thriving.
9. secure our nuclear installations, airport, aircraft and naval bases with much more stringent security.
10. tell pakistan that they cannot wash off isi-backed activities everytime there is an attack. tell them and show them action in terms of very strong diplomacy, cutting off cricketing ties, reducing the interaction between pakistan and india dramatically, cutting of free trade and most importantly cutting off the human face that india was showing to pakistan.

lot needs to be done. or else another 26/11 will come like a candy on india's doorstep. will our reluctant home minister lay the stone for the above in his short tenure, or will he run his home ministry just like he ran his finance ministry wherein businessmen had rampant access whereas common man was completely cut off in name of fake developedment?


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At 6:55 PM , Anonymous binod said...

terrorism is big problem in india and suffer a lot of people, i think war is not solution but indian gov.should more take hard desion who help to inter terrorist through boader areas and funding and also compain amoung indian peaople and give more security in loc across india.


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