Wednesday, December 24, 2008

let's get a 'upper middle' class reaction to india's economic troubles. well, it wants to build more SEZ on the stomach's of poor india's farmers. and we are 'fortunate' that we can build more special economic fake zones!!!

Fortunately, India, in general, and Maharashtra, in particular, are suitable locations for SEZ projects. Taking advantage of the current situation, the Maharashtra Government must go all out to encourage the SEZ projects.

that's right. fortunate are urban wallah's for sure. fortunate are the corrupt businessmen and impotent politicians.

this when at a time even when maniac growth-environment go to hell-poor farmers go to toilet-rules and regulations go to BS companies are cutting back.

Mukesh Ambani-controlled Reliance Industries Ltd may go slow on certain of its planned projects such as the Rs 5,000-crore Rewas port project, the Navi Mumbai SEZ project and the Rs 30,000-crore semi-conductor project in response to the global financial meltdown. Instead, it will focus more on its core businesses that include refining and petrochemicals.

that's right india. let's borrow more, let's stamp our farmers on their stomach's more, let's pamper to the upper middle class more, let's do more sub prime loans and be fortuante and build the economy from upper middle class to richer class thereby thrashing the several hundred millions of india's poor, marginalised, farmers and rural people.

fortunate we are indeed :-)


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