Tuesday, December 30, 2008

here is the article that summarizes the sorry state of impotent political leadership of india that brutalizes and abuses its own people while standing without pants when isi sponsored pakistani jehadi terrorists kill innocent indians and foreign nationals.

the last 2 para's summarizes it aptly.

Just the way Pakistan goes through the motions of cracking down on its terror groups, New Delhi responds to each terrorist strike in a perfunctory or mechanical way, without commitment or resolve. And just as Pakistan has a track record of easing up on its terror groups when the spotlight is off, India’s leaders go back to business as usual no sooner than a terrorist attack has begun to fade from public attention.

While Pakistan is guilty of sponsoring terror, India’s leadership is guilty of encouraging terror and making the country an easy prey. Make no mistake: If Pakistan is to dismantle its state-reared terror complex, India’s leaders will have to first dismantle their terror-emboldening outlook.

considering the israeli's response on continuous attacks from the terrorist group of hamas (which also heads the palestine government), it clearly shows india's security apparatus can be attacked anytime, by anybody at any minute.

israel is bang on. when it sounds terrorism, talks terrorism, walks terrorism and does terroism, then it is terrorism. plain and simple. hamas which has in its charter to eliminate isreael from world map does terrorism, then israel has the rights to take out that terror group.

the use of force is necessary and considering gaza is crowded, civilian casaulties will be there which is tragic, unfortunate and should be fully avoided. but the goal of taking out hamas the terrorism outfit should not back down.

let's be clear. india's political leaders pee if chinese moves their troops 2 feet into india. the same india's political leadership wears sarees and bangles when pakistan's isi cooly sends suicide terrorits into india.

but the same india when it wants to terrorize the tribals and marginalized poor acts like a hero talking fake developedment.


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