Tuesday, January 13, 2009

outrageous, disgusting, fraud, no rights - these are not the words that can explain the outrageous government act that it is trying to bail out satyam by paying satyam expenses, salaries, etc with potential money for bailout ranging from 500 to 2000 crore rupees.

somebody should stop this NONSENSE. msn viewers are right bang on here in opposing the bailout.

in a country where hundreds of millions of people live in desperate situation earning barely 50 rupees a day (close to a dollar), the government talks of bailout out high paid highly educated and software code factory employees of satyam.

satyam should be torn down and with help of satyam clients should be given to other IT companies. satyam confidence with customers is zero and with that satyam potential to get new clients is absolute zero.

although the fraud is not of satyam employees orignation - in dog-eat-dog-corporate-world, in corporate-destroy-environment&tribals, corporate-are-the-greatest-story-in-free-market - a poor country like india should use the money for education, rural heath care, environment protection, drinking water, etc and NOT on a company that is sinking faster than titanic did.

let this fake development of india stop atleast now or else more non sense like satyam bailout will be the norm of the day.

as dr.samuel says in his post (below), india's officials and urban wealthy have been dancing on dead bodies of india's farmers. has somebody ever bailed them out.
Dr. S. N. Samuel: I am strongly against government bailing out multi-million dollar companies when they go bust. Does the government bail out poor farmers when they get into debt to the point of committing suicide?


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