Sunday, January 11, 2009

where do i stand on the israeli aggression on gaza. am i really using the word 'aggression' here.

couple of points. first on israel's side.

1. hamas, a terrorist organization, that has vowed to wipe out israel from world's map won due to fatah party's wide spread corruption.

2. having done that they then quickly escalated it to an agenda of gaza against israel.

3. firing continuous rockets onto israel, hiding bomb's in people's middle, using human beings as shields, etc are some of their backend terror tactics

4. an impotent and incapable leadership like india will keep quiet if rockets fall into india. but not israel. so naturally hamas rocket making/launching/smuggling capability has to be hit.

5. terrorism is terrorism. as plain as that. there are no quarters in that. whether it is 9/11, 26/11 or hamas rockets - all are same.

couple of points. against israel.

1. hitting gaza with huge tons of bombs makes sense to take out hamas capacity. but causalities also has to be watched. israel should have definitely launched commando attacks first on crucial hamas targets and then followed by air attacks if needed. in this way civilian casualities could have been minimised dramatically

2. opening of vital gaza crossings for children, women and injured a must. this is needed so that humanitarian needs are taken care.

3. israel should have clear hamas terrorists leadership target. they should launch precise attacks on rockets sites, terror leadership positions sparing civilian incursions as much as possible. the cowardly terrorist hamas, no different than pakistan's isi agency or al qadea, has to be taken out but with minimal civilian casualties.

4. work with saner palestinan elements so that common palestinaians would be treated as equal to an average common jew. everybody is a human being and each one deserves respect and opportunities. blockade of normal palestianans would mean that majority of civilians live under oppressed economic conditions which means more joy for terrorist organizations like hamas.

let us be very clear. pakistan's isi or al qaeda or ltte or hamas - these groups need to be shown blood in real terms. only then they can be silenced and sanity prevail.

for short term, terrorism has to be wiped out. long term israel has to live as good neighbours. then only we can gurantee peace in the region.

with great power comes great responsibility. after this flush out operation, let's hope israel shows much more responsibility in bringing about lasting peace.


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