Saturday, January 10, 2009

karan thapar, as we all know, is a hard hitting journalist. he has written a piece about the outrageours, disgusting, disgraceful, inhuman, un-democractic arrest and illegal detention of binayak sen by the chattisgarh government.

you can catch it up here.

But until then, the cry of a wife whose husband has been in jail for 19 months, facing a trial that could drag on for years, despite appeals for his release from 26 Nobel laureates and most of the civil liberty associations in India, needs to be heard. We would be heartless and wicked if we are deaf to such cries.

as we condemn the murderous terrorist attack by isi sponsored thugs and lunatics on mumbai, we need to take the same brush and condemn very strongly the state sponsored attack on dr.binayak sen.

indeed across india and across the world, when government acts in lunatic fashion like in binayak case, the condemenation should be swift and stronger. the terrorists and the state sponsored terrorism in this case are both one and the same.


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