Wednesday, January 07, 2009

this picture by hindu on a kashmir protest caught my eye. kashmir has now cooled off a bit. relentless terrorism from pakistan based isi is ebbing slowly, local youth have become wary and elections seem to be giving local people a gateway to elect good honest leaders to power.

i know i am trivializing the kashmir problem. but with brutal terrorism fuelled by isi backed jihadists taking a small break, it is time for india to move swiftly and prove to the kashmir youth that india is their country, india offers much more secular, economic and civilian prosperity. the youth of kashmir like in the picture should be the crown jewel of india's youth and not lathi bashed youths.

india needs to invest in its own people and what better way to start from jammu and kashmir. some basic things such as honest government, accountable officials, well equipped and well paid accountable police officers, well protected borders, sustainable economic policies, clean drinking water and sanitation, women's rights - all can be started with jammu and kashmir as the focus. simple and basic things that are taken for granted in say britan or america. but a HUGE thing in india :-)


At 12:42 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really wonder why these muslims always like to have violence. If a muslim is standing beside a hindu or christian then he starts fighting with them just like the situation in india. if two muslims are standing beside then also they quarrel just like situations in Afghan,Taliban,Pakistan,Iraq,Iran.
Majority of these guys are worth nothing either by illitracy or by other means. so only they don't care about their lives and are ready to become sucide bombers also and they give a name to that as Jihadi.Their leaders are using them and these fools are becoming scapegoats.


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