Wednesday, January 14, 2009

fox news has an interesting coverage on the satyam-world bank fiasco.

The great irony is that for many years, the World Bank has pushed hard for countries and institutions that take its money to be transparent, engage in "good governance" and expose their own corruption at every turn. On its website, the bank lists of hundreds of vendors and individuals who it has sanctioned for corruption in bank projects. But the bank list has never included firms that work directly for the bank.

in that coverage, the above para seems to suggest that world bank has 'pushed hard' on its side with respect to its borrowers to be more transparent.

how so? has world bank been transparent in funding stupid and unsustainable dam projects, has world bank been transparent in its dealing on environmental impact reports, has world bank been transparent in funding government development projects vis-a-vis forests.

the answer is no. even in the narmada dam case, it took huge efforts and pressure to make the world bank see reason.

no wonder, corruption is very prevalent. who cares dude? as long as 'developedment' of the 'rich' happens, world bank executives take a fat pay cheque every month.


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