Saturday, January 17, 2009

i think our honorable prime minister woke up from a long slumber. he has told that the satyam fraud is a 'blot on our corporate image'

that's right sir.

  • the fraud that is happening in bhopal wherein the world's biggest human industrial disaster is not a blot.
  • the fraud that built narmada dam throwing out lakhs and lakhs of people is not a blot
  • the fraud that is proposing to be happening in several dam building works on top of fake eia and local opposition is not a blot
  • the fraud called athirapally dam in kerala amidst fake eia, strong local opposition and tribal displacement is not a blot
  • the massive land scam in independent india called SEZ is not a blot
  • i can go on and on.

the fact of the matter is, corporates have taken over government and when corporates and government mix, the cocktail that results will be a huge fraud as has been listed out in above cases.

satyam is just a cream on the cake called fake developedment in india.


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