Tuesday, January 27, 2009

that's right india. that's cool india. that's awesome india.

now we have a solution for all our ills facing rural india. if those rural areas wants increased ground water level, then open that area to brutal mining even over the dead bodies of the local people who are opposed to the mining.

"Far from drying up streams, it will in fact lead to an increase in the ground water level," said Mukesh Kumar, head of the company's mining operations in Lanjigarh.

from when did brutal mining increase ground water levels? is there a precedent for this statement. also the ground water level and other water sources will get decimated by pollution due to indiscrimate and careless mining (both of which are common in india and other developing countries).

coming back, from when/where/which methodology/process/etc did mining lead to ground water increase?

looks like a wall street banker claiming his bank is sound and safe and the same time begging for bail out funds!!!

well in india anything is possible in india under name of fake developedment.


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