Saturday, January 24, 2009

foolish villagers. country brutes. illiterates. know-nothing guys. these guys want to take india to 18th century without 'developedment'.

it seems several thousands people are opposed to setup a paper mill in their middle. as hindu reports, below para catches attention.

Establishing a paper mill would adversely affect the environment and agriculture activities in 20 villages, including Kalthurai, Kottathurai, Vattamalaipudur, Perichipalayam, Andinaickanvalasu, Alangiyam, Kongur, Undarpatti, Vellaigoundenvalasu, Manakadavu, Karupaiavalasu, Keeranur, Velur and Velkaraipatti, they alleged. This would also pollute the ground water. Over 2,000 hectares of cultivable land would turn barren and ultimately production of food grains would come to a halt, they apprehended.

what do they know huh? we need developedment guys. even if these villagers go to dust due to pollution, ground water loss, agricultural disaster - we need developedment.

after all ain't we the 'shining india', 'rising india', huh?


At 12:29 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

people like you just sitting in US and fucking indians looks crazy... if you are so much worried about india's developement then just tell us what have you done for india otherthan commenting like this.

At 8:51 AM , Anonymous Siva said...

Hey bullshit!!! What a fuck you were talking about. Do you think technology is only satisfying your stomach? How dare you comment about this villagers? What you know about india development without these villagers. what are you eating for stomach Huh? Are you eating technology and money? These kind of people should break the hand if they touch on food and vegetables. Go and fuck. What you know about development Huh..? Just come to india and tell this to people they will cut your penis.


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