Tuesday, December 30, 2008

here is an amazing news item in hindu. as india's government, industry and elite urban middle class races to destroy india's fragile and crucile ecosystem, mother nature tells 'hold on folks'.

a purple frog with a pig-like snout has been found and the picture is amazing. if only we give priority to our crucial ecosystem, just like we give super priority to fake development!!!!

here is the article that summarizes the sorry state of impotent political leadership of india that brutalizes and abuses its own people while standing without pants when isi sponsored pakistani jehadi terrorists kill innocent indians and foreign nationals.

the last 2 para's summarizes it aptly.

Just the way Pakistan goes through the motions of cracking down on its terror groups, New Delhi responds to each terrorist strike in a perfunctory or mechanical way, without commitment or resolve. And just as Pakistan has a track record of easing up on its terror groups when the spotlight is off, India’s leaders go back to business as usual no sooner than a terrorist attack has begun to fade from public attention.

While Pakistan is guilty of sponsoring terror, India’s leadership is guilty of encouraging terror and making the country an easy prey. Make no mistake: If Pakistan is to dismantle its state-reared terror complex, India’s leaders will have to first dismantle their terror-emboldening outlook.

considering the israeli's response on continuous attacks from the terrorist group of hamas (which also heads the palestine government), it clearly shows india's security apparatus can be attacked anytime, by anybody at any minute.

israel is bang on. when it sounds terrorism, talks terrorism, walks terrorism and does terroism, then it is terrorism. plain and simple. hamas which has in its charter to eliminate isreael from world map does terrorism, then israel has the rights to take out that terror group.

the use of force is necessary and considering gaza is crowded, civilian casaulties will be there which is tragic, unfortunate and should be fully avoided. but the goal of taking out hamas the terrorism outfit should not back down.

let's be clear. india's political leaders pee if chinese moves their troops 2 feet into india. the same india's political leadership wears sarees and bangles when pakistan's isi cooly sends suicide terrorits into india.

but the same india when it wants to terrorize the tribals and marginalized poor acts like a hero talking fake developedment.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

let's get a 'upper middle' class reaction to india's economic troubles. well, it wants to build more SEZ on the stomach's of poor india's farmers. and we are 'fortunate' that we can build more special economic fake zones!!!

Fortunately, India, in general, and Maharashtra, in particular, are suitable locations for SEZ projects. Taking advantage of the current situation, the Maharashtra Government must go all out to encourage the SEZ projects.

that's right. fortunate are urban wallah's for sure. fortunate are the corrupt businessmen and impotent politicians.

this when at a time even when maniac growth-environment go to hell-poor farmers go to toilet-rules and regulations go to BS companies are cutting back.

Mukesh Ambani-controlled Reliance Industries Ltd may go slow on certain of its planned projects such as the Rs 5,000-crore Rewas port project, the Navi Mumbai SEZ project and the Rs 30,000-crore semi-conductor project in response to the global financial meltdown. Instead, it will focus more on its core businesses that include refining and petrochemicals.

that's right india. let's borrow more, let's stamp our farmers on their stomach's more, let's pamper to the upper middle class more, let's do more sub prime loans and be fortuante and build the economy from upper middle class to richer class thereby thrashing the several hundred millions of india's poor, marginalised, farmers and rural people.

fortunate we are indeed :-)

satyam (meaning truth) perhaps did the most un-satyam, or shall we say in reverse maytas, thing.

the management headed by the father raju proposed that satyam acquire 2 companies that is in the real estate sector and run by father's own 2 america educated son's using the cash of satyam and hence india's fourth largest IT company can also become perhaps india's second largest real estate company.

whoahhh....it is like google acquiring toll brothers. it is like blue cross acquiring trump holding. well, it is like the craziest thing in the world wherein a big IT company is buying a 'big' real estate comapny.

and it get more crazier when you note that the raju family perhaps have 8% of the satyam stake and the investors hold close to 70% and with the minuscule control of the company, the father raju proposed to use 1.3 billion dollars of cash to give it to his son's and acquire 2 'great' real estate companies thereby wiping out cash out of satyam and totally branching into unrelated area and that too in a world economy that is bordering on disaster and where cash is king!!!!! and the great board of directors including vinodh dham, the 'father of pentium' reportedly signed off the 'great' deal!!!

we all know india's corporate care BS when it comes to environment, when it comes to safe working conditions, when it comes to honesty, etc. but satyam-maytas fiasco tells something more. something more is really rotten amongst the families that run india's biggest companies as family holding in spite of being very minority shareholders of the company!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

i had written that terrorism, terrorists and terror leaders have no causes on which they wreck havoc. even if the entire world is at peace and peaceful they will invent new reasons to attack and cause massive bloodletting.

salman rushdie is right on the same lines.

Imagine the economic and social problems of Muslims in India is solved, Salman Rushdie said the other day; imagine the Kashmir problem is also solved; imagine too, the Israelis and Palestinians have made peace. Would al Qaeda and the various self-proclaimed jihadists "then put their guns down?"

He has no illusions any such thing would happen, he said firmly.

The jihadists are bent not only on "dragging us into the Middle Ages," he declared but are also planning on world domination. "It is all about power grabbing."

yep. salman rushdie is right. the terror brains wont stop until they are finished. let us be under no illusions. there is no doubt that gujarat carnage should NOT have happened, there should no doubt that kashmiri's deserve peaceful life like you and me and there is no doubt that if israel is smart they will smash the palestine issue into a peace pipe rather than a violent pipe.

but.... even if all these happens the terrorists do not care. they simply want to kill more people all the time for no reason. they will misquote ancient texts for no reason to wreck havoc.

unless terrorist brains are killed and terrorism infrastructure dismantled, what the world has seen in terms of 9/11 or 26/11 is nothing.

we all for sure has been tracking subprime mess that has been unwinding in america. the great capitalist nation called america has become the great bailout nation.

bear stearns - bailout damn it. merge with jp morgan
lehman - let it go down but hey its assets(??) owned by other insitutions bailout done
citigroup - yep sure, why not
bank of america, wellsfargo/wachovia - yep they can get couple of tens of billions in bailout
car companies (gm, chrysler, ford) - sure. around 20 billion quick money no probs.
credit card companies like american express - if they want sure no issues
fannie mae/freddie mac - whoops. well we have no issues bailing them out
countrywide financials - well didn't we merge it into bank of america??
goldman sachs, morgan stanely - no problem. but let them become banks first and then we can bailout them easy...

amidst this total collapse of 'free market' economy in america, one thing that has not been noticed is the plunge of oil from 150 to 40 bucks. a totally manipulated market oil prices seldom reflect the real situation.

india's petroleum minister is right when he tells oil is manipulated.
“Oil prices on a roller coaster have created only uncertainty. What we now need is to rediscover stable market with transparent regulations; the market where producers as well as consumers find equal respect,” he said.

he is absolutely right. in name of 'free market', 'trading', 'globalisation', america has let loose the monster of greed, corruption and deregulation.

what we, as a world, need is not 'free market' but 'correct markets' and 'common sense markets' and 'common sense regulation' and cutting down speculation in name of higher maniac growth.

ok now. should we bailout oil from 40's back to 100's or is 40 itself a huge price for oil which probably should go into 20's if world economy shrinks further?

Monday, December 15, 2008

latest statistics on agriculture front is a disaster of india's fake developedment that is going on. you catch it here.

as per the report, "Farmer suicides in the country since 1997 is now 1,82,936."

vowww.. that is 1.82 lakhs and nine hundred thirty six farmers!!!!

god save india. when we do not care or respect our crucial farming community with proper policies, minimum support price, agricultural infrastructure, etc, it does not take terrorists to destroy india. we are destroying ourselves!!!

there was some comments on the taj hotel terrorist attack by none other ratan tata himself.

i think his comments, if i am not wrong, are very inappropriate. you can read his comments here.

everybody in the world, including pakistan's isi backed terrorists, knows that indian police (and india's corrupt and impotent politicians) are the weakest in the world. but when it came to killing the terrorists brave men entered taj well known that they can get killed (considering the zero training and useless equipments that have).

he may be right in telling that our security apparatus was not good (of course we cannot mount an israeli type commando operation ever) but there is no point in criticizing the brave policemen and commando's either for they are severely curtailed by india's inept security infrastructure.

for that matter, taj with its cash rich coffers had no security worth its name whatsoever inspite of repeated warnings from intelligence agencies that an assault is pending. and it would be great if tata can use his 'influence' to make sure india's luckless policemen can get some basic equipments just as he uses his 'influence' in getting clearance to the environmentally destructive projects for the developedment of india!!!

and no we are not going to talk about fake tata development projects across india for now :-)

Saturday, December 06, 2008

when the clueless prime minister selected his finance minister to run the diasatrarous home ministry, one thing was really clear. in the vast expanse of congress government there is no qualified and strong person to run the home ministry that he had pull out an important minister in the middle of economic meltdown.

but leaving politics aside, what should PC do. very simple. as finance minister he opened india's forests, rivers, coastal areas, etc to unprecedented abuse by businessmen, but as home minister he needs to make sure our borders are not open for joyful terrorism.

some measures he can do, that his predecessor and one of india's worst home minister failed, are,

1. provide coastal security to india's vast coastal borders atleast in very crucial places.
2. provide police the freedom to act on terror inputs without political interference. make sure they are paid well, taken care well, are not overworked, are staffed adequately and giving the latest training measures.
3. make sure our intelligence agency RAW which has been slumbering deeply is wakened up.
4. make sure our important urban areas like mumbai has its own SWAT teams on the line's of america.
5. make sure that the muslim community is not alienated by any means of unwanted and unpardonable riots over the mumbai terror attacks.
6. pursue terrorist case with pakistan and the 9/11 forgotten america.
7. form closer relationship with isreal on fighting modern day terrorism.
8. make sure the ground level informer network in all important areas of india is strong and thriving.
9. secure our nuclear installations, airport, aircraft and naval bases with much more stringent security.
10. tell pakistan that they cannot wash off isi-backed activities everytime there is an attack. tell them and show them action in terms of very strong diplomacy, cutting off cricketing ties, reducing the interaction between pakistan and india dramatically, cutting of free trade and most importantly cutting off the human face that india was showing to pakistan.

lot needs to be done. or else another 26/11 will come like a candy on india's doorstep. will our reluctant home minister lay the stone for the above in his short tenure, or will he run his home ministry just like he ran his finance ministry wherein businessmen had rampant access whereas common man was completely cut off in name of fake developedment?

Friday, December 05, 2008

surprisingly, saif ali khan and kareena, has showed that movie stars have brains too. just kidding folks. but their statement on the mumbai massacre was very honest and upto the mark.

and let us be very clear on one more point. there are tens and tens of millions of indian muslims who hate terror, who are peace loving like you and me, who have children like you and me and who have condemned this terror attacks. and there should be no reason to hate anybody on their religion more so when these terrorists belog to islam.

terrorism knows no religion. if you give a chance, bin laden will convert to hindu and start another 9/11. if you give a chance prabahakaran will convert himself to sinhalese and attack colombo again and again. if you give a chance pakistan based terrorist organisation and their isi backers will convert to christianity, atleast for a day, to perpetuate biggest attacks on innocent people.

terrorists have no religion and no heart. they have to be crushed ruthlessly. and at the same time we need to question the politicians who are virtually useless and impotent whether it comes to gujarat massacre or mumbai terror attacks.

one thing that is coming out of mumbai attacks is that 'peace groups' want to address the 'root cause of terrorism'.

oh yeah. that's like asking bin laden to give justification for why he did 9/11.

now let us be very very clear. the babri masjid demolition, the gujarat massacre, the iraqi war, etc are NOT pardonable and are huge blemishes on us. but that is no license for terrorists to come and attack innocent civilians in a totally different place.

to condemn huge violations on human rights such as gujarat massacre and to make sure it is never ever repeated we should take all steps but that does not mean one of the steps is to give a license to kill innocent people in mumbai or other places.

let's be very clear on this. terrorism is not an answer to violations done by certain individuals like narendra modi or george bush.

b.raman had an interesting article in outlook on what actions india can take without going for say a full fledged war or a precise attack on terrorist camps in pakistan. he is right. we need to make sure that pakistan is made a pariah until it can renounce terror fully. we cannot fight terror in india or globally unless pakistan is made to confront terror fully.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

when the pakistan based isi backed terrorists stuck in the jewish center, they abused, tortured and killed all israeli/american nationals.

one little kid survived. it would have been a HUGE disaster if this little baby was also shot dead.

agreed, that isrealis have been heavy handed and lot of times violent in handling the palestine issue. the israeli-palestine issue that should have been sorted through discussion long long back has been festering for a long time resulting in kill me - kill you situation.

but what is the logic in killing the innocent parent's of this little boy and potentially trying to kill this kid itself.

which religion pardons this kind of behaviour. which ideology wants this kind of brutality. which nation can tolerate this kind of abusive people. which nation can sit idle and watch terrorists run amok?

we have answers for all these but we refuse to act and call spade a spade. until we do that, we will be tutored to be responsible by america, tutored to talk by china, tutored to go slow by pakistan's civilian government. all till the next terror attacks after which all the tutoring will begin again.

india's impotent security apparatus and corruput politicians will make sure india is looted internally within and raped from external terrorists.

welcome to this double whammy of fake devlopedment and fake national security!!

as so what happens as the terror attack -on innocent people, visiting tourists, totally unconnected jewish center - go into our rear view mirror of life.

let me put the steps.

1. ghastly terror attack happens in india (and mostly in mumbai or north india)
2. our impotent politicians will tell they are taking all steps to prevent it.
3. some public anger will force terror tour politicians like the maha CM to resign. (once you eat full you burp right to digest. similarly if a politician sheds tears on innocent people killed in terror attacks you give a loud burp!!!)
4. our investigators go to work and of course after 15 years or so they will build a case.
5. our security agencies, intelligence agencies and police wallahs all give usual noises and then fall asleep in incompetence.
6. meanwhile pakistan based terrorists along with their masters in ISI will be laughing like hell and planning the next attacks on an impotent india.
7. india will send its cricketers telling 'normal relations' are needed.
8. america, oblivious to the fact that the next massive attack on its own people will come from pakistan based terrorists, will be telling india and pakistan to talk and sort out and talk about responsibility. (oh yeah, i am wondering why americans is not willing to sit down for discussion with al qaeda as a responsible nation!!!)
9. china, heartily laughing, will tell that india pakistan issue is a major issue and urge us to talk and meanwhile crush its own citizens in human rights abuses
10. several reputed columnists will write about india being a matured power and suggest to do nothing.
10. a new terror attack on india leaves 100 dead and 300 injured.
11. repeated steps 1 to 10 again.

welcome to india. welcome to fake developedment. welcome to fake nationalism. welcome to fake politics. welcome to fake security. welcome, above all, to the 'chalta hai' nation.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

it seems wipro systems, one of india's many code factories, is offering engineering candidates, jobs in bpo divisiosn/call center divisions.

so what's wrong in it. majority of india's engineers mug their studies, graduate from engineering colleges that probably does not have even have the basic infrastructure and above all know nothing about anything practical since the studies are 90% theory.

so what if they work in call center's. except for the words 'bachelor of engineering', they have nothing to show in terms of real skill.

developedment of india means we have real change in education including engineering. till that happens, our engineers can do anything from bathroom cleaning to software coding to call center jobs.

as horror stories of the dastardly terrorist attack on the maximum city of mumbai ( a city that leaves no one hungry at night), trickle in, one common thread is clear.

india, the biggest democracy ruled by the most inept politicians and burercrats of entire world, has no means to fight the terror. from screwed up bullet proof vests for policemen to a very senior politician telling dog remarks on the family of nsg commando sandeep unnikrishnan who died fighting the terrorists to india's absolute lack of preparedness in combating terror to finding a huge quantity of rdx several days after the attacks - you have it all.

26/11 is not the first terror attack nor it will be the last. since mid 70's till now india has faced several thousands terror attacks and has lost several thousands innocent lives.

but our politicians. oh they are safe talking about fake developedment to the gullible people day in and day out.

more scary is the fact that probably india's nuclear plants is woefully under protected. next time the pakistan based terrorists won't target small places in mumbai. but they will go after big one's like the nuke power plant in india. under the stupid india america nuclear deal, tens and tens of nuclear power plants are being proposed. all of which will be sitting ducks to terrorists.

one thing is clear. india is a super soft state when it comes to terrorism and 26/11 is just a comma in the story. many more terror attacks will be coming for sure as india's spoiled, rich and corrupt politician makes hay everyday in office and cares a hoot about india's security and innocent people's lives.

welcome to 'incredible india'
welcome to 'raising india'
welcome to 'shining india'
welcome to 'terrorist infested soft state india'

Monday, December 01, 2008

2 different politicians belonging to different religions and different polar of politics.

but same shocking statement. from the party that delivered one of the top terrorists gift wrapped to pakistan and from the party which perpetuated the gujarat carnage comes this lipstick statement.

from the not-so-left party and more shockingly from a very senior and experienced politician and chief minister of kerala comes this absolutely senseless statement.

my own country bleeds and the politicians are turning this disastrous tragic moment of mumbai terror attack into terror tours for movie industry crorepathi directors, callous remarks about the small attacks, lipstick comment and dog wont even visit remarks.

how low can our politicians go. they have gone several times under the belt of innocent people. now they can go even much much lower.

disgrace has become a meaningless word.