Saturday, April 30, 2011

no ma'm, it ain't "development". it is called "developed-ment".

legendary cse director asks

There is no policy for siting and number of ports in the country. The Central government knows only about “major” ports and leaves the rest of the business—permission to locate and build other ports—to state governments. There is no distinction between a major port and a state port. It is just a matter of how many one can fit into the coast as fast and profitably as possible. Nobody, therefore, knows how many ports are being built. Nobody cares about the cumulative impact on rivers of sand.

Surely, this cannot be called development. Can it?

no. hell no. hell hell hell no. but aren't we mistaken. india's development is actually for the developed. so we can call this "developed-ment".

i am back...hopefully i will post one or two posts on 'development' in india :-)