Saturday, December 30, 2006

hindu property plus is doing an amazing job in stressing green way of building techniques and showing examples of those buildings week after week.

one such article is the green building of mr.a.r.shivakumar, senior fellow at karnataka state council for science and technology. below images shows him in his home with high ceiling having natural vents to allow sunlight into his home.

(picture courtsey and copyright 'the hindu')

there was another article regarding sandmining in kerala.

sand mining is needed to get sand for construction purpose. but in all states of india, rivers are being excessively, illegally and unsustainably thereby causing destruction and death of the river itself. when sand is taken in excess there can be many outcomes such as,
1. flash fast floods that can consume nearby villages since excess mining of sand leaves the river very turbulent as its bed has disappeared.
2. fish hatching will be almost zero as fish needs sand at a decent depth to lay eggs. this will severly hit fishermen who are already marginalised.
3. river ability to retain water will vanish as the river does not have a sand bed to flow on smoothly.
4. nearby villages will see a dip in their water table as the river water runs off fast.
5. excessive lorries taking sand will destroy the peace and quiet of the neighbouring villages. but who cares. when the focus is on development at any cost, rivers are just a pawn in the piece and the people who depend on these river are nothing but low life people who can be discarded in name of giving developedment to already developed people.

(picture courtsey and copyright 'the hindu'. sand mining via hands, small crowbars, etc is less harmful compared to massive equipments such as backhoe's, diggers, giant excavators being used illegally)


At 9:26 PM , Blogger Soundhunter said...

Your blog holds very important information, I wish I was wealthy enough to truly help those poachers. Maybe I'll send them some school supplies for their children, pens/paper etc?

Is Greenpeace or any of the other major environmental groups present in India?

At 9:29 PM , Blogger Soundhunter said...

Also, I'll link to you, I hope more people read your blog, though mine's not so busy either.


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