Saturday, December 30, 2006

mercury news business section today screamed about how cisco and A's are working together to produce a world class stadium with modern technology for baseball fans.

quoting from article,
"They will strategize about how to fill the park with Cisco's networking equipment that will let fans use the latest available technology, so that they can do everything from upgrading tickets on cell phones to watching instant replays on handhelds."
"When Chambers and Holland first talked about the deal, the treasurer slowly turned the conversation to his dream of the ballpark as a technology showcase -- a place where consumers could use Cisco technology."
"Most of the gadget possibilities are derived from products Cisco has already created, such as digital advertising displays and its high-definition ``telepresence'' video conference system, which can display games in restaurants and bars."

pretty amazing.

but i could not see a single word like 'envrionement friendly', 'green stadium', 'low erergy input stadium', 'pavillions made fully of recyclable materials', etc.

guess when it comes to green, mainstream tech companies have not stepped up. cisco and A's can set an example to the rest of the world how green business can do by buidling a super environment friendly stadium.

with around 50000 seats per match, around 20,000 cars coming in (since there bart is like easily 3 miles away), massive amounts of electricity for the technology in terms of servers, backup's, redundancy, etc - we are talking about a very energy intensive stadium.

if cisco and A's can build a modern green stadium, we can use that as an example to 'browbeat' other similar efforts to go green. alas....


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