Thursday, December 28, 2006

karnataka forest minister, this week, was praising forest staff of karnataka in safeguarding the forests. and he adds as below:
The State Government, he said, would look into the salary difference among various posts and study the promotion issue. The Government would provide facilities to foresters and forest guards, the Minister added.

i suppose the minister does not know how the staff of even the best forests of karnataka are being treated.

kishen das of india bird's group has documented the forest anti poaching staff of bandipur. you can see how the vital anti poaching watchers of the bandipur forests are wearing slippers and are poorly dressed.

bandipur, and many such forests, are vital to india's water security. if the forest staff are treated poorly, the forests will suffer.

when forests are opened up for dams, mines, logging flouting all rules all over india in name of fake development, what else can we expect.

below are 2 images from his website that captures the water tap from which they drink water without any filtration leading to heavy lead content in the water and injurious to health and the forest watchers with almost zero proper forest clothing, shoes, equipments and the


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