Wednesday, December 27, 2006

finally some baby steps on the guidelines to make green buildings via energy conservation building code.

Initially, we plan to make compliance with ECBC voluntary. Butultimately, it will be made mandatory and building plans will not be passed by local authorities unless they comply with the code for energy efficiency," Mathur said. Target year for making it mandatory: 2009-10. The code will have a checklist of requirements like insulation levels in roofs and walls, performance requirements for windows and skylights, specifications on air condition, ventilation and water heating. "Although the additional cost is about 6-15%, the building pays for itself in a few years,'' said Mathur.

but with already lax monitoring/enforcement/input gathering/error correction/etc parameters for vital environmental laws and guidelines in india, how this program can prove successful is anybody's guess.

only when companies and residences in india do what adobe did to their towers in sanjose,
can building codes like these prove successful.

(adobe hq in san jose. all copyrights belong to adobe)
our residential/office/etc sections consume upto 40% electricity and even a couple of percentage points reduction in this can mean less number of coal power plants, less number of destructive dams and less number of fancy deals.

india cannot to afford to live like america. with a huge population, limited space, marginalised sections living off vital environmental verticals (fisherman of coastal areas, tribals of forests, farmers on their farmland, etc) india has to live in a green and sustainable way.


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