Friday, December 29, 2006

couple of weeks back i was in lake tahoe, one of the largest freshwater lakes in entire america. (okay this post is not about developedment of india :) )

it is 22 miles long and 11 miles wide (it is miles and not a typo).

i probed the hotel guys, restaurants on on what sort of environmental care is being taken by these folks to safeguard the environment of tahoe because these guys directly depend on the health of the lake which has to be environmentally sound.

some of their remarks were,

"recycle??? oh yeah the county takes care of that" - subway person
"we mix garbage and no recycle bins are there. we pay extra money to the county to seperate the garbage and the reusables" - best western hotel manager where i was staying
"recycling??? should talk to the manager" - worker at the taj indian restaurant in tahoe.
"recycling...throw your stuff in the garbage can" - starbucks waitress
"recycling..oh yeah we have corporate programs for it" - raley's employee

one thing was clear. there seems to be very little awareness that tahoe is their lifeline and each and everybody is responsible for preservation of tahoe.
below are some pics of the majestic tahoe.


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