Tuesday, January 02, 2007

the sorry state of narmada dam issue continues.

let's look at simple facts.

at 100 meters dam height - gujarat govt is not able to utilise even 20 to 30% of water stored because canals (that takes the water and feeds agriculture and urban elites) are not there.

at 121 meters - as per supreme court, gujarat govt is supposed to rehabilitate all 40,000 families which will be submerged. nothing has been done by gujarat govt. canal work moves as usual in snail pace.

now the gujarat govt is planning to install gates upto 138 meters!!! medha quotes as below.
"The Narmada dam has been raised to 122 metres and on Sunday Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi declared that the construction of the dam was over. Now they will install gates up to a height of 138 metres whereas people displaced even at the height of 110 metres remain to be rehabilitated. This has happened despite the assurance given to the apex court on completing rehabilitation by December 31, 2006, before raising the height of the dam. The dam cannot be considered completed until the affected people are rehabilitated."

this is a massive violation of supreme court not forgetting human justice for over 2 lakhs people of the 40,000 families.

narmada is a classic case wherein development of india running amock right onto the chests of poor marginalised people.


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