Wednesday, January 03, 2007

i read a newsitem in hindubusinessline regarding chemplast plans to go green.

iptindia has severly indicited chemplast and malco for polluting mettur. i quote from the preface of the report which captures the developedment of india in a nice way.
"Man is born free but fettered everywhere. Mettur, a small town with all its flora and fauna made fertile by river Kaveri was mostly an agricultural town. The agriculture gave way to industries. People of Mettur welcomed industries but it is appalling, how the industries have caused negative impacts in their lives. The air, water, soil and noise pollution caused by the industries have driven the villagers to run from pillar to post for redressal. But what they found was that the minds of the authorities and the industrial managers have become wooden. At last they have approached the Indian Peoples Tribunal, which has lent its hand in wiping their tears."

the same chemplast is facing huge issues in putting their another PVC plant in cuddalore. chemplast is part of the multi thousand crore sanmar group. their website says as follows:

The group entered into its first international joint venture back in the 1960s when it started Chemicals and Plastics India Limited to manufacture PVC resins in joint venture with B F Goodrich of the USA.
Today, it has a turnover of over Rs.13 billion and a presence in some 25 businesses, with manufacturing units spread over numerous locations in India.

so far chemplast has denied all the allegations in mettur and has stonewalled everything to clean up its act. once in a while they do come with grand statements but the situation in mettur remains the same.

nothing will change unless chemplast, which has no constraints for funds, comes up voluntarily, accepts its wrong doings, work with local community and clean up.

and again chemplast has to rework its pvc strategy because pvc is highly polluting in nature and lot of western countries are rejecting pvc.

but in name of developedment, all we are left is places like mettur which are destroyed by pollution.


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